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This memoir contains information about Clara Horowitz's life in Czortkow, Poland, before, during, and after World War II.

In the form of a poem, the memoir describes life in the ghetto, atrocities against Polish Jews, and Horowitz's life in hiding. Nina Kaleska is a survivor of the Grodno ghetto, Ravensbrück, and Auschwitz.

Hell and Rebrith describes Edith Kramer's experiences as an Austrian Jewish physician who was forced to care for women in various camps near Poznan, Poland.

Also included is information about the inferior medical conditions, inadequate sanitation, and treatment of women in the camps.

This collection contains, in scrapbook form, photographs and text excerpts from Ein Judenjunge vom Alex by Alice and Gerhard Zadek.

Harry Burger's memoir describes the persecution of Austrian Jews in 1933, his family's flight from Austria to Italy and France after the Anschluss, his imprisonment at the Sospel camp, and his participation in an underground resistance movement.Several letters to Berthold family of Wilmersdorf, Germany, describing adjustment to life in New York City.Bernard Nissenbaum's deportation from France and imprisonment in several concentration and labor camps: detailed descriptions of conditions in the Trzebinia camp, the status and treatment of wealthy Jews as compared to that of other inmates, the separation of various nationalities in Birkenau, the situation of the "Muselmänner" in various camps, relationships between Kapos and inmates, the Warsaw ghetto prior to the uprising.These papers contain information about her experiences in Auschwitz and her thoughts on Jewish-Christian relations in the years since the Holocaust. Nina Kaleska wrote and delivered the speech "Subjective Reflections on the Post Holocaust Years," at Cornell University in 1978.She donated a transcript of this speech and a copy a German language poem to the Museum in 1989.

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