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Compare Have a Gay Old Time, when this occurs when a word's meaning changes over time.Gabriela Irimia, of pop duo The Cheeky Girls, has spoken for the first time of her relationship with MP Lembit Opik.The 24-year-old told GMTV she had been seeing the Liberal Democrat frontbencher for two weeks and their relationship was "really genuine".Twin sister, Monica, said Gabriela had "never been so much in love" and had "never had a proper boyfriend".Mr Opik confirmed on Sunday that he had split up with his long-term partner, weather presenter Sian Lloyd.The 41-year-old MP, who is the Lib Dem spokesman on Wales and Northern Ireland, said the couple had separated "some time ago" and it was "no secret" that he was seeing Miss Irimia."We understand each other really well and we are looking for a long relationship here." She said Mr Opik had been "quite impressed" by the media attention their relationship had generated.

Mr Opik and Ms Lloyd announced their engagement in 2004 and had been together for four years.

He assured party officials there was no overlap in the relationships.

'Long relationship' On GMTV Miss Irimia hit back at claims by Ms Lloyd that her relationship with Mr Opik was a "pantomime" and that the "affair" had led to the couple's break-up.

Before heading out Mollie shared a video of them dancing down the street - looking happier than ever in each other’s company.

It comes just days after The Sun revealed that the couple were caught snogging during training for the BBC show and the fling is now the talk of backstage.

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