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The concept of an Astrodome movie studio was an enticing one.There would be room enough for sound stages for all manner of productions, it could bring tons of cash into the local economy, and hey, you might have been able to see Tom Cruise at the Target down the street. For April Fool's Day 2010, the Houston Press' Richard Connelly wrote a hilarious feature reporting on a proposed big game hunting reserve inside the Dome. "Mathew Knowles, father of singer and Houston native Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, had an eye on turning the Dome into a waterpark.The proposed 5 million fix would demolish the arena and replace it with a performance space with up to 10,000 seats, along with 250,000 square feet of exhibit space, more ballrooms and meeting space and a 3,000-space parking garage.The consultants' master plan also includes room for a hotel to be financed by private investors and connected to the renovated Dome by a skybridge." - May 23, 2012Remember the Houston Hotshots? At one point we wanted to refashion the Dome into a soccer stadium, just after the Astros and Oilers had left.This plan would have cost nearly 0 million in all and include new parking garage.

Thus, by only making it useless it may be the only way to save it.“We met with them and, no, they did not submit a formal proposal, but certainly indicated in e-mail correspondence that they were still interested in the idea and they thought they could come up with the money,” Loston said.The financial backing never came through, however, for Beyonce’s daddy or any of the rest of those who submitted ideas." - June 24, 2013 "Let’s strip it bare back to its frame and have out-of-towners wonder why it is so.“We are still very much interested in the Dome,” Knowles said in an e-mail to sports corporation Executive Director Willie Loston, referencing an earlier in-person meeting in 2013.“There are still some milestones we must overcome, which I will mail to you and others tomorrow.” Loston said Knowles was working with a group that builds and runs water amusement parks that wanted to turn the Astrodome into something like Splash Town Water Park on Interstate 45.

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The so-called Astrodome Renaissance would include convention space, a planetarium, a series of interactive exhibits that would allow users to simulate space and deep sea exploration, an alternative energy center and a movie studio." - June 14, 2010 Saturn V, which resides in its exhibit at the Johnson Space Center, into the Dome? The rationale only seemed to be that the place was big enough and already had "astro" in its name.

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