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I say that in the voice of the client and in a way that reflects their hobbies and interests.

Market Watch: How do you go about making the profile?

Maybe they are announcing they want kids too soon, or she’s needy or a guy doesn’t follow up enough. Market Watch: Do you worry that the matches aren’t getting an authentic conversation when you chat for them? Golden: Yes, and I have a knack for sifting through what smells right.

Market Watch: What aspects of dating do you help with?

Golden: If I am asking for a first date as a guy, I know when the girl is interested — 100%.

As the girl I don’t ask, the guy always has to ask. Market Watch: If you’re a woman wanting to be asked out by men on these apps, how do you know if a guy is into you? Have your doorman take it, have an Uber driver take it.

If someone presents themselves like a curmudgeon holed up in their apartment they’re going to get that back.

So I make them look happy, like they have a full life — whether it’s a short profile on Bumble or Hinge or a longer profile on Match.

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