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The Fix: Remind him of all the reasons he's sexy in a way that you did when you first started dating.Make it a point to have sex once a week, even if it's the standard go-to position that both gets you off easily (or one ofthese lazy-girl moves), and then make an effort to follow-up.After all, the kind of nurturing and encouragement that you gave him while he struggled through law school is likely the same attention that's now directed toward your children.Which is totally normal, by the way, but your hubs needs some love, too."If he doesn't feel like you'll understand what's important to him or that you'll default to a negative response, he'll stop bringing it up," says Greer."Because you always say no he figures, 'what's the point in asking anymore?

And he seems to be just as into you as he was when you got hitched. That's sign number one, and it's usually coupled with consistent turn-downs—like that time you pretended to be asleep (or bluntly rolled away) as he tried to initiate foreplay."The goal isn't to prove who's right or wrong, but to understand that your husband is feeling deprived," she says.The Fix: Greer says that if you're keeping track of anything, it should be about the last time you really felt connected, not the last time you had sex, so you can steer the conversation toward creating a mood that makes you to be that way again.Your once active and healthy hubby is sporting a #dadbod. They have more of a tendency to overindulge when they're feeling unsexy, unappreciated and unloved—which could be the result of feeling bored in life, or like he's stagnating.So if your man is packing on the pounds, he's in a funk.

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You can rattle off your kids' allergies and SSN, but you forget your husband's birthday.

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