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Lisa was kind enough to drop us off at the airport in Tampa, where we would fly to JFK.We opted out of the Body Scanners at the air port, which is always funny because the TSA Officers look at you like your crazy.The question "why are you going to Morocco if it means abandoning your cats?" was a constant thought during this process; and it created emotional upheavals in our lives.Leaving the Cats was hard for us, and we both felt strong emotions, to tears, for a few days. The number 9 was synchronisticly popping up at that time, which for us indicates one door is closing while another is opening.The feeling of nostalgia was strong as each step forward meant physically changing our lives to reflect it.Reconciliation of this with my desire meant questioning a lot, and questioning oneself, especially if you have blockages, means going through emotions we normally label as 'negative.' But in actuality these are energetic reflections of our own creations, - how we decided to view a thing internally - and as such changing your thoughts will change the experience.After much consideration we released the idea that we were doing harm to our cats by finding new homes for them.

It did not feel like we were running away from a horrible life however, it felt more like a transition into a new space and an up-stepping of creative energies.Thankfully we found homes for 2 of the cats permanently and we are still trying to find homes for 2 more.If you have a desire to be a loving custodian please reach out to us [email protected] of us have issues with asking for money, asking for help, or even selling things for our needs; as if it is a dirty thing. Money is a tool just like anything else, and if used with transparency and co-creative intention, can achieve much within our world.Once all the pieces fell in place we had to purchase tickets and get passports. We had more challenges to go through as the days approached for actually leaving.

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