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Swedish dentist, Ph D, 55, 6’2”, widower, child living with him, a “family man to the core”, seeks a woman, aged 45 to 65, with “honesty and self-confidence, who respects and loves her man” and, of course, “respect is definitely reciprocal”.You’re a single lady looking for love, so what’s not to like about Dr John – username “Hunk Jon”.This compares with 114 local cases of internet dating fraud in 2016, with losses of HK million for the whole year.My attempt to “scam the scammer” started with a friend pointing out suspicious guys posting on Lovestruck, a paid-for dating site popular with professionals.His profile photos and “verified” Facebook, Linked In and Twitter credentials portray a respectable, clean-cut chap. That’s because, in reality, hunky Dr John is a cynical West African romance scammer.The tall Viking pictured exists somewhere, possibly unaware his image is being used to extort cash from gullible lonely hearts, explains Paul Jackson, a former Hong Kong police officer turned cybercrime investigator.Despite warnings, English-speaking women in Hong Kong continue to fall prey to online romance scams.

Pointing out that his bank didn’t know me got short shrift. You will go back there to get the slip.” When I claimed the police had called, asking about a suspicious transaction, the threats mounted. You have spoken to me, you know I am too smart to come that low.” Then he went sugary, promising to see me, so long as the money showed up in his account by Monday. It had been a horrible experience and easy to imagine how a vulnerable person might have been frightened and coerced into sending money.

He planned a Hong Kong business trip, supplying dental equipment to China, and would move here soon.

Our banal chats dragged on for weeks, and I began to think he was for real. “They use their time wisely, to create a relationship of trust.” The international nature of cybercrime means scammers can operate from anywhere.

En español | According to a survey by True Link Financial, older Americans are criminally defrauded of .76 billion annually. Subscribe to the AARP Money Newsletter for more on work, retirement, and finances The next scam victim could be you. Abagnale, a long time FBI consultant whose early life as a con artist was portrayed in the film "Catch Me If You Can," equates it with playing roulette. But AARP Foundation's Amy Nofziger, who has degrees in criminology and sociology, cites three additional reasons. "They'll use the same methods legitimate marketing companies do, but for nefarious purposes." 2. "If you've been a victim of a fraud or scam, you're put on a so-called sucker list," Nofziger says.

This includes identity theft and all those crazy scams you hear about but smugly think will never work on you. Here's what to watch out for in the new year and, most important, how to protect yourself. "The lists are bought, sold, traded and stolen among scammers because they're perceived as potential gold mines.

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