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Winner of the 2010 ICAST - Best Soft Lure Award - the Live Target Hollow Body Frog is one of the most detailed and realistic frog baits to ever hit the market.

Anatomically correct with unprecedented detailing, it sits in the water on the pause just like a real frog - tempting bass from below. They're super durable and will last a whole season of monster bass blowups with no problems!!

went back to the store, to get another one and out of the 5 they had there all of them had the same crooked swivel.

So far this year, i've had a koppers bait ball break off a lip when it landed on shore, I had a deep diving bait ball split in 2 at the rear treble hook, I had the hook on their live target popper snap of one hook, and now this.

As for tearing, don't expect them to last if you're feeding them to toothy critters. And if the legs fall off go get a rubber skirt & do the same.

My fishing club of more than 285 members knows that I will only promote what works for the area I fish. From: Comments: Fished the Emerald Green color today for the first time today. Catch just as many fish but are much more durable and are half the price From: Comments: Disappointed in the quality & durability of the skirted legs.

This frog is at least as good as any other like it in terms of hooking into fish.From: Comments: Decent frog, very weedless, walks the dog, sits slightly nose up in the water, has awesome detail.Problems I have had with them are filling almost completely with water on every cast, even while constantly moving, and the entire frog body sliding off the hook and up the line when fighting a fish..The colors are the best, especially the green brown, looks like like a small bullfrog. What I really like about it is that it doesn't take on water nearly as bad as the others and walks the dog very easily. This frog is amazing, from the detail to the action.there are a lot of frogs that do individual things very well, whether they walk or they kick.Use a minimum of 50 pound braid, a heavy action rod, and hang on. This frog can do it all and has landed me some giant bass . From: Comments: I recently purchased a live target from and have fished it twice now and im completely sold on them!!

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