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Quick tongue flicks against the clitoris can be irritating.If you’re not sure, ask her to give you feedback while you try different kinds of strokes—circular, side-to-side, up-and-down.Some people consider oral sex the most intimate of all sex acts.Cunnilingus, the technical term for performing oral sex on a woman, can be incredibly intimate.Most women won’t want to go from zero to oral sex in 30 seconds. When she’s good and excited—her hips are thrusting and the moans pretty regular—head south.Both of you will enjoy this more if you’re both physically comfortable.

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This is a fold of skin that covers the actual glans of the clitoris, which is extremely sensitive.

In general, women tend to like firm pressure and repetitive motion.

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Use your fingers to spread her lips and take a good look at her clitoris, her labia, her mons, her vagina, her perineum and her anus.

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