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One moment he's a tiger, straining with every part of his body and mind to get what he wants ... Your goal is to access states of mind that geniuses do.

You require the stimulation of the most powerful human emotion: sex.

Just keep on finding ways to express your love/lust without actually going the whole hog. And from that state, create, invent, write, sing, dance, express yourself! When you mix sex and love, you have the perfect mix for drawing on the creative mind...

if you can transmute or turn your desire for sex into a desire for something else, such as writing a poem, working out a business problem or getting direct spiritual insights.

Over indulgence in sex and orgasm, will quell the feeling of desire and the affect that it has on the mind.

Once a man ejaculates, more often than not he rolls over and falls asleep!

You can do it with anything you want - it doesn't have to be sex, though sex is the most effective.Under the rules of courtly love they can let their passion flow unbridled as long as they don't engage in physical intercourse. So while Sir Loves Tolancealot and the Lady Prettipuss might engage in sleeping together nude, nude caresses and embraces, they can't and won't copulate!But you can be sure there were hours and hours of mutual ravishing with the eyes, punctuated by doting, frustrated sighs!The dashing young knight, Sir Loves Tolancealot, arrives at the castle and soon falls in love with a nobleman's pretty wife and vice versa.He however is a man of honour and she a virtuous woman.

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