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To accommodate some of these distinctions, he presents three RDF workarounds to mimic the same qualities of a labeled property graph.

There are other rule formalisms, such as Rulelog, which have other KR languages and modelling or programming processes dissimilar to the RDF/OWL way.

The first one was mentioned in the presentation by the Financial Times, an organization that made the transition from RDF to a labeled property graph. If you store your data in RDF and query it in SPARQL, you’re not semantic — you have a graph.

They thought they needed a linked semantic data platform to connect their data, but what they actually needed was a graph. In most of the use cases, you find yourself not using as much of OWL and all the semantic capabilities as you would, because you know it’s extremely complex and it results in performance issues.

However, I note that you are fully inclined on the LPG model, especially when you say it can do what OWL can do.

So I ask you, do you think the Bio Med folks, given time and funds, could make a switch to LPG from RDF/OWL and still get the same results?

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You’re putting some intelligence close to your data that’s in turn driven by an ontology.

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