Romantic gestures first dating

Show consideration to others A girl with her wits about her, will keenly watch how you behave with others.While your pretty manners with her may flatter her into being momentarily charmed, if you are rude with the waiter or argumentative with the movie-hall usher, she might be intelligent enough to see these as indicative of a selfish personality.These questions will keep the conversation going and help to tide over awkward pauses, if any.If you feel sure of yourself, ask interesting things like where she sees herself in another ten years, or what she would choose if she could take only three things if she was stranded on an island.Remember to hold open the door for her, or pick up her things, even if you can see that she has dropped them knowingly!It is always gratifying to know that chivalry is not dead and what’s more, she is sure to be charmed by your gentlemanly ways. Pick up any small gift when you arrive for your date and your girl will be charmed by the gesture.So if you are meeting in a café or an art gallery or simply going out for a movie, come dressed in smart casuals.Your date will feel that you are easy to be with, but not a shallow personality.

Your date will not only appreciate that you have creative ideas, but also be charmed by the fact that you went an extra mile in planning something new.

TIP: The surest way to charm a girl is to ask her questions about herself and to listen.

A lot guys don't know what to ask and find it hard to listen.

Nothing will catch a girl’s eye as quickly as a well-dressed, neatly-turned out man.

While this implies that the externals should be spiffy, it also means that you check yourself for clean breath, and fresh body odour, and ears and nostrils trimmed of hair.

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