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Ultimately, on , while Spain was occupied with the Peninsular War and after a week of mostly peaceful demonstrations, the citizens of Buenos Aires successfully ousted the Spanish Viceroy and established a provisional government.25 May is now celebrated as a national holiday (May Revolution Day).During most of the 17th and 18th centuries, Spain insisted that all trade to Europe pass through Lima, Peru so that taxes could be collected.This scheme frustrated the traders of Buenos Aires, and a thriving contraband industry developed.His expedition was cut short when he was killed during an attack by the native Charrúa tribe in what is now Uruguay.The city of Buenos Aires was first established as (literally "City of Our Lady Saint Mary of the Fair Winds") on 2 February 1536 by a Spanish expedition led by Pedro de Mendoza.The settlement founded by Mendoza was located in what is today the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires, south of the city center.More attacks by the indigenous peoples forced the settlers away, and in 1541 the site was abandoned.

A second construction boom from 1945 to 1980 reshaped downtown and much of the city. R.) and the right-wing paramilitary group Triple A, supported by Isabel Perón, who became president of Argentina in 1974 after Juan Perón's death.Charles's placating actions did not have the desired effect, and the , some of them versed in the ideology of the French Revolution, became even more convinced of the need for Independence from Spain.During the British invasions of the Río de la Plata, British forces attacked Buenos Aires twice, in 18, but were repelled both times by local militias.Many of these missions ended in violent clashes, and the enterprise fueled the tensions between the capital and the provinces.In the 19th century the city was blockaded twice by naval forces: by the French from 1838 to 1840, and later by a joint Anglo-French expedition from 1845 to 1848.

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