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You think it sends a clear message of approval that our thighs or stomach are lovely and will stop us worrying unnecessarily. It takes time for us to warm up and for our body to respond to yours.

Imagine a masseur massaging the same spot for 30 minutes: that’s how it feels when we have a marathon intercourse session.

If you're going to try it, don't take it as an insult if he gets super turned on doing it with you and don't take it personally if his attention remains fixed elsewhere. A bit of moaning and groaning is fantastic but screaming and thrashing about like he's trying to suffocate you with a pillow is more than a little scary for men. You think he'll like you being noisy because it means he's a stud.

He's dying at the prospect of having to face his flatmates/parents/kids/neighbours.

As in adopting the 'dead starfish' position and not moving a muscle.

Lying back and thinking of England isn't just uninspiring, it's patronising. This was the pet hate of my best male friend and his (now ex) girlfriend.'Me giving her oral sex was the basis of nearly every sex session we had but she'd think nothing of going for a pee just before, with the door open, and not washing either her hands or her bits.'I found it gross.'Some sex surprises are great (a present of a new vibrator you know she likes, trying out a new oral sex technique on him). Most of us know what sort of things fall into that category so let’s not pretend we don’t.

Close on the heels of being too noisy is being too noisy, too soon.

Over-exaggerated moans and groans when you've only just started kissing makes him one hundred per cent certain you'll fake it later.

I'm not suggesting you watch a box set in an LBD, but men are visual creatures and really do appreciate it if you make an effort to look appealing.(This goes for both sexes, by the way. Four more words: never a good look.)Sex is supposed to be mutually pleasurable: if it isn't, then tell him what you need more of or want done differently so it is enjoyable for you.'Seriously, it was like I owed her after we'd had sex,' one man told me.'She might as well have put out her hand for my credit card and made it an honest transaction.' You’ve had a lifetime of experience thrusting, we haven’t - so are acutely aware we could be embarrassing the hell out of ourselves.

Body insecurities don't just impact on his visual enjoyment, they often mean you won't try certain positions and are generally unadventurous in bed. Women favour missionary for many reasons – some good (it's primitive and there's lots of eye contact), some not so good (it's the position that hides most of your body and requires the least effort from us).

Women are way, way, way more critical about their bodies than their partners are of them. It's hard enough keeping desire high when you're making love to one person for the rest of your life, but impossible when you're forced to do the same thing every single session. Begging him to hold off just makes him even more paranoid he'll ejaculate pre-maturely; the resulting anxiety ensures he will.

If you’re still going after 13 minutes (which according to reputable research is the perfect length of time for intercourse) check we’re still connecting.

If you’ve gone on for too long, we’ll stop thrusting back and go ‘given up’ limp.

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Most men keep their eyes glued to the screen and it's highly likely he'll do the same even if you're there with him.'I was also taken aback by how aroused he got,' said one woman after trying it.

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