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To that end, he was in a long term relationship and eventually married Margaret Whiting.The relationship did not come easy, but the pair were happy together. Mc Kellen and his first partner, Brian Taylor, a history teacher from Bolton, began their relationship in 1964.Take a look at some of the celebs who married the opposite sex in order to hide their sexuality — some were even trying to hide it from themselves. Anne was then in a very public intimate relationship with comedienne Ellen De Generes. And then in 2008, Anne said that she had put being gay behind her. Portia de Rossi’s inner turmoil has definitely been on public view, poor thing.There was her bout with an eating disorder (for which she wrote Unbearable Lightness,) and there’s also her sexuality to consider.Vincente Minelli had a very strange approach to his sexuality — so much so that he might be considered more bisexual than gay.

While it is becoming more accepted today, it has been so hard in the past that many celebs chose to marry the opposite sex as a cover. First, she was in a relationship with James Tupper, whom she cheated on after discovering her bisexual tendencies. When all is said and done, who knows what Anne wants?!Jack Wrangler was a famous adult film star who was unapologetic about his gay lifestyle.He always said that he was gay but could never be in a relationship with a man because he was too competitive.They had a long term relationship that Freddie would refer to as a common law marriage.That marriage ended when she discovered Freddie had an affair with a male record exec.

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After all, she did tend to dress in very masculine clothing and often depicted herself in men’s clothes as well.

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