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"It wasn't very difficult to fall in love with him. He overwhelmed me." Des Rosiers described the Kennedy patriarch as "well-endowed" and said she lost her virginity to him. If not to help her stomach her husband's infidelity, the medication may have also been used to help combat her grief.She would join him in Palm Beach, the French Riviera or wherever he was traveling, and when his wife, Rose Kennedy (née Fitzgerald), was away, Des Rosiers would stay with Joe at the family home in Hyannis Port. In 1941, Joe had arranged to have their eldest daughter, Rosemary Kennedy, lobotomized.Des Rosiers eventually went to work for JFK, known familiarly as Jack, who as the second-eldest son inherited all of the hopes originally placed on Joe Jr., as well as one of his father's most infamous character traits. The family moved into the White House at the beginning of 1961.The secretary recalled Jack making a pass at her during his run for president, and even though reporters assumed they were having an affair anyway, she turned him down. Jackie's father had reportedly fallen ill so, in his place, her stepfather, Hugh Auchincloss, walked her down the aisle. (The couple's third child, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, died on Aug.Kennedy having had 11 children, there continue to be plenty of people to talk about, living and deceased.There are also endless subjects to delve into, each as rife with intrigue as the next.

In the romance department alone, the Kennedys are unmatched when it comes to complex, often tragic couples.

A propensity for happily-never-after has seemingly dogged the lineage for almost a century.

Tragedy has followed triumph like clockwork, causing the word "cursed" to be flung around at will when talking about the Boston-bred clan, a family for which the term blue-blood was tailor-made.

(Christina died of a heart attack at 37, in 1988, officially establishing speculation of an "Onassis curse" as well.)'s 1988 choice for Sexiest Man Alive was considered one of the most eligible bachelors in existence—and he probably knew it.

While he didn't give off a caddish vibe (not from afar, anyway), that isn't to say he didn't enjoy the unmarried life.

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But, as his secretary Evelyn Lincoln would tell JFK biographer Michael O'Brien years later, the women continued to call his office. A few weeks before his wedding, Kennedy was vacationing in the South of France when he met a 21-year-old Swedish woman named Gunilla Von Post and proceeded to start a relationship that would last for two years."If I had met you one week before, I would have canceled the whole thing," Kennedy supposedly told Von Post, according to her 1997 memoir . The picture can't help but give off a menacing vibe; though Bobby is smiling, Monroe looks simultaneously on edge and displeased by whatever the president is saying. Fifteen-and-a-half months later, JFK would be dead too, assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas on Nov. The first lady was still wearing her blood-spattered suit when Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as president.

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